Central Ducted Aircon Diagram

What is Central Ducted Air Conditioning?

Central ducted air conditioning or central air conditioning is the most efficient air conditioning solution on the market. Temperature control is centralised, allowing for uniform cool or warm temperatures throughout a property. This suits homes and large open spaces such as offices, schools, homes and shopping centres which want the convenience of constant temperatures.

How Central Ducted Air Conditioning Works

Discover how our central ducted air conditioning systems maintain comfortable air temperatures in your property…

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Types of Central Ducted Air Conditioning

In The Zone Designs and Installs Two of the Most Popular Central Ducted Aircons:

Constant Volume Ducted System

The Constant Volume System involves a centrally located controller that regulates the temperature settings throughout your building. Our systems compensate for differences in ambient temperatures influenced by which way your house faces and the effect of upstairs and downstairs temperature differences. We accomplish this by designing a system that directs more air to warmer or cooler areas.

Residential Central Ducted Aircon Diagram
Central Ducted Aircon Example
Office Central Ducted Aircon Diagram
Aircon Zone Control Panel

Zone Controlled Ducted System

A Zone Controlled Ducted System is an intelligent set-up that allows rooms to have different temperature settings as sensors located throughout the property inform it of temperature differences and adjust air flow accordingly.

Digital Variable Multi System

The DVMS represents the latest generation of refrigerant flow air conditioners for home and office spaces. Vapour injection technology, auto commissioning and long piping length makes this unit uniquely versatile, easy to manage and energy-saving. This system was specifically designed to improve consumers’ lifestyles, lower costs and give them improved energy efficiency.

Inside Samsung DMV Unit