Central Ducted Air Conditioning vs Ductless Air Conditioning

See the difference between central air conditioning and split air conditioning

Central Ducted Air Conditioning vs Ductless Air Conditioning

Not so long ago, air conditioning was a luxury for a privileged few. Now, however, it has become the norm for everyone, whether at home, in the office, or even on public transport systems. We are all aware that average yearly temperatures are increasing, which this means that keeping cool is becoming even more important in our daily lives.

Aircons don’t just help you keep cool. They remove pollutants from the air as well as circulate and filter the air around us. They also help you increase productivity by providing you with a pleasant working environment and by helping you sleep better so that you can be fresh and alert for the day ahead. Another by-product of Aircons are that they help you be safer by requiring us to keep doors and windows closed, thus keeping intruders out, as opposed to having them open in an attempt to feel cooler on a hot day.

That being said, what air conditioning unit should you get? In this article, we break down the different units, so that you can decide which unit suits you best.

Central Ducted Air Conditioning

Central ducted air conditioning – also known as central air conditioning – is the most efficient air cooling solution on the market. Here, temperature control is centralized, which is most suitable in homes and large open spaces where you want the convenience of centrally controlling the unit and temperature regulation. Offices blocks, schools, homes and shopping centres are prime examples. You may opt for central ducted systems that allow for temperature regulation across different areas by means of intelligent sensors which automatically adjust air-flow accordingly.

Cost & Installation

Central units are pricier to install and run, but can be the cost effective option in the long run, when taking the size of the area covered into account. This is due to the fact that cooling larger areas is more energy-efficient when using central air conditioning, when compared to cooling or heating an area with multiple split units. An intelligent central system will save you even more energy by automatically adjusting air flow to the different spaces.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning comprises portable units, console units and split air conditioning units. In the instance of a split system or console system, each room will have their own unit, which will allow for independent temperature regulation. However, control will also be independent. These can be used in homes, hotels, or spaces with multiple interior spaces occupied as offices or diverse tenants.
There is another option, which is portable air conditioning. These nifty aircons are an ideal solution if you are looking for a small air conditioner that is easy to move around. It will give you decent relief from the heat or cold. Also, portable aircons are good if you want to avoid installing a more comprehensive aircon system, or if you need air conditioning at temporary spaces such as at events.

Cost & Installation

Ductless air conditioning units, such as split systems or console systems, are more affordable to install and to run. They can be installed quickly in almost any room, but you need to consider room sizes as well as factors such as windows/vents to deduce which BTU you should get. We can help you with this! Portable units are the most cost-effective choice for small spaces and do not require any installation process.

Expect Quality Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance Services from In The Zone

Whether you opt for a central system, a split unit, or a portable aircon, your system will require maintenance that is based on usage. If system is utilised for more than 25 hours per week, then bi-annual or annual services are recommended. Regular services help keep your aircon working great, clean and energy efficient, which is why we provide affordable maintenance services that you can rely on. Get in touch with us today to find out more.