How To Know When To Replace Your Air-conditioning Unit

How To Know When To Replace Your Air-conditioning Unit

How To Know When To Replace Your Air-conditioning Unit

Deciding whether to repair or replace your aircon can be a difficult decision to make, which is why our team at ITZ are here to assist you in making the most economical choice. While repairing may seem like the obvious solution when something is broken, this may end up costing more than replacing it. In most circumstances, aircons can be repaired, however there is a fine line between saving money through repairing and cutting your losses and replacing, which is why we are here to help you identify the best solution for you.

4 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Airconditioning Unit

When your cooling system starts to play up, there are four questions that you can ask yourself to assist you in knowing when to replace your aircon unit.

1. Is Your Unit More Than 10 Years Old?

You can expect an aircon that has been well-maintained to last for an average of 15 years. However, if you begin to experience problems or frequent breakdowns, and are faced with an expensive repair fee, it would make more sense to replace the whole unit rather than to repair it. You will most likely have to replace it within the next few years anyway, so rather than spend unnecessary money, replace it and enjoy the effortless and unproblematic functionality and performance of a new one.

2. Do The Repairs Cost More Than A New Aircon Unit?

As mentioned previously, most aircons can be repaired, however should they? It can happen that the cost of the repair is equivalent or even more than the cost of a brand new airconditioner. Most contractors have a formula to help you determine the difference:
(Cost of Repair) X (Age of Old AC Unit in Years) > (Cost of Your New AC)
Simply put, multiple the cost of the repair with the age of your aircon. If the amount is significantly less than the cost of a new aircon, get it repaired. If the amount is more than the cost of a new aircon, then replacing it would be the smart move.

3. Is Your Electricity Bill Climbing Significantly Each Month?

One of the main signs that your aircon is no longer running efficiently is when your electricity bill continues to increase monthly without you changing anything at home. This is a common problem amongst aircons that are 15 years old or older. If your aircon is getting close to its sell-by date, keep an eye on your utility bills and be prepared to replace your old one when it eventually gives in.

4. Are You Dealing with Regular Breakdowns?

If breaking down is becoming a regular occurrence for your aircon, it might be worth looking at getting a new one. Whilst the money you are spending for the repairs may be equivalent to a whole new aircon, it is also worth considering that a lot of time and energy is wasted on the process that comes with an unreliable aircon. Save yourself the inconvenience, and the money, and invest in a new one; you won’t regret it.

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If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you need to replace your aircon unit, but there’s no need to stress out about it. The friendly and professional team at In The Zone are standing by to assist you in the process of installing your new one. Give us a call today for a quote or any additional information and let us help you make your home cool again!