The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

The average South African household may feel that they couldn’t live without their trusted air conditioner, but how often do you think they maintain it? The importance of regular air con maintenance extends much further than just keeping it in working order; there are several other important factors that can be improved (or can suffer) with the frequency of your regular air con maintenance. Take a look at the risks and rewards of air con maintenance below…

Air Conditioner Effectiveness

For a more effective aircon that really keeps you cool (or warm in winter) you will absolutely have to ensure it is regularly maintained. Air cons that are allowed to work and work without regular intervention are likely to become clogged up with debris and have regular wear and tear impede their cooling power.

Energy Costs and Consumption

Next up is the all important impact of poor air con maintenance on your energy bills. Like most appliances in the home, if the device is not in good working order it will consume a lot more power than it should, driving up your utilities bill each month.

Tailing on to this is the implication that overuse of electricity also negatively impacts the environment. By now the average person is well aware of the damage that greenhouse gases and unsustainable habits have caused to the planet. Let’s not be a part of those statistics!

Costly Replacement and Repairs

The importance of regular air con maintenance is perhaps most evident financially when you compare the cost of preventative maintenance, with the cost of fully replacing a busted up air con. Whilst preventative maintenance may seem like an ‘unneeded’ expense, the money spent on a couple maintenance sessions drastically extends the lifespan of your machine. A regular cleaning helps too!

Indoor Air Quality

Perhaps the least talked about benefit of air con maintenance is the improved air quality that you and your family will experience. When allowed to fall into disrepair, air cons become dirty and ineffective. The air it produces is dampened and lifts all kinds of dust and debris into the air, not to mention some funny smells, potentially. By arranging regular maintenance, you can avoid mould, bacteria and fungi from growing, thriving and being blown around your home.

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